Time to change the lengthy enrollment time for MBBS Bangladesh

Whilst the academically well performing students does exceptionally well enough to secure themselves a seat to study in foreign lands, they deserve to be updated with timely information.
The recent case of 22 Bhutanese scholarship students waiting almost two years to be enrolled in one of the reputed medical universities in Bangladesh shows that the related agencies such as Department of Adult and Higher Education (DAHE), Ministery of Education, Ministery of Foreign Affairs and the Bhutanese Embassy in Bangladesh were in deep slumber till date.
Bhutanese students started studying MBBS in Bangladesh in 1981. In fact the Prime Minister of Bhutan Dr. Lotay Tshering gained the medical expertise from Bangladesh, yet the delayed enrollment issue remained rock all these years.
Some health personnels shared that the situation is no different from what it was some 15 years ago. Students waste time waiting for the information. 
If the scholarship division informs them that it wouldn’t take a year or more to get enrolled, the students could sort out how to spend the years. A student said that she would have joined some services or taken a course complementing her studies to be an efficient medical expert.
Another student said that if the government planned out some productive and engaging activities, they would feel less stressful like they do now. 
Nothing can make over the time the students wasted waiting, clueless and feeling neglected. Time is the most precious asset in one’s life. Once passed, not even a diamond worth money can buy it back. 
It’s ridiculous when the leaders talk of time management and punctuality, but in ground zero, they care so less regarding the time the youth are wasting.
The issue is even bigger than the wasted time. It took a mental troll on those waiting. They were on the verge of suffering from serious mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and frustration. Students shared that they were playing some sort of game. They really didn’t know what to do. 
Some even shared that l, with so much time and nothing productive to do, they almost got into bad companies and felt the peer pressures from the classmates and friends who didn’t qualify for tertiary education. They said it was tempting, the way they abused substances and alcohol.
They also felt the pressure from their families and relatives. After sometime, the parents, siblings, relatives and friends started calling them a bluff master. They had difficult time explaining things that they didn’t even have answer for.
Moreover, those seniors who enroll in September last year are also having hectic time. They shared that it’s difficult to catch up with their classmates who are almost two months ahead with the syllabus. They said that they are expected to bring colourful result when the fact is they missed so many classes and lessons.
In order to avoid such situations in the future, the related agencies need to wake up and shake it up. Just having a department or division to look into the welfare of the students is not enough. More need to be done for the future aspiring scholarship students.
Also a reminder and a note to the students. The government is trying to do their best although they might have failed to live up to their expectations. However, as a student doing MBBS, please return home.
The country need more medical experts than ever with increasing population, health professionals leaving service to secure their future.