Derogatory comments passed on the Bhutanese studying and workin in Australia

Many Bhutanese have left the country for Australia and many are in line obtaining their passports. 
The passport division is overwhelmed and short of passport in the recent time. 
There is more than 12000 Bhutanese in Australia. Some go for study and some as a dependent to seek dollar paying jobs. 
Bhutanese people back at home in general are of the view that all Bhutanese who are in Australia are employed in blue collar jobs which is not totally true.
Not all of them are engaged in blue collar jobs like cleaning bathroom or sweeping floors which is a common belief here.
Some of them are engaged in white collar jobs depending on their qualification and skills.
Whenever when we hear somebody comment about those who left for Australia, we listen to so many negative and derogative comments. “ He or she left to clean toilets, to wash inner wears and even to wipe the white man’s ass.”
It is indeed rude and belittling comments coming out of little minds.
However, some Bhutanese living in Australia are also employed in bigger organizations, doing well paying jobs such as lecturer, accountant, nurse etc.
There might have been trend where Bhutanese use to do blue collar jobs in the early years when Bhutanese first started to come to Australia but now with increasing exposure and knowledge many of them are looking for full time job in a reputed companies and organization.
A Bhutanese working in Australia cites the finest example is Tandin Dorji, the founder of Educationpro. He is currently employed as the managing director for Kingston international college based in Perth, Australia. 
‘Bhutanese students are studious. They get hired in the best and reputed companies said Pema Choden.
Most of the Bhutanese try to get a full time job in Australia with good salary; some have even started their own business. 
In the past time most of the Bhutanese were doing part time jobs in various blue collar jobs but now the trend is changing as they seek jobs in offices and reputed organization as full timer.
Many of them try to get settled down in the Aussie land. Thus, they study hard to acquire good jobs. In other  words, they have become futuristic and look for a permanent job instead of a part time blue collar jobs.
Many Bhutanese have left the country doing various kind of job in Australia under tourism, airport, hotels, mall, shop etc. Many of them left to study and they do part time jobs to pay their tuition fees and to cover the expenses. In order to make their ends meet they do so many jobs on hourly basis.
Bhutanese people here are of the view all of them are doing cleaning and washing all day long and all their duration of stay there which not the case is. I heard people back at home making fun of those Bhutanese in Australia by passing negative comments like cleaning toilets and washing inner wear in the early years because there isn’t a dignity of labor in our country and they need to change their mindset because that could be one reason why Bhutanese youth despise blue collar jobs for the fear of embarrassment and escape to Australia and other foreign conbtries.