Graduates dedicate their success to Their Majesties and Pledge to Serve

Tenzin Choden / Thimphu “As mentioned in my facebook (FB) page, I sincerely would not have been able to perform well and top the examinations, without the blessings of Their Majesties, our King and Queen. I dedicate my success to our beloved Majesties,” Karma Dema, who topped the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA) category of the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) main examination’s 2021 says, with a smile on her face. Daughter of a taxi driver, 23-year old Karma from Bjachha, Chhukha, is the eldest from a family of five. “I am hardworking and studied at Ugyen Academy and later in Sharda University, India, under scholarship. I owe a lot to the country and our King,” Karma says. Karma further mentioned that the free tuition classes she took under Ugyen Tenzin, a freelance consultant and social worker, helped her a lot. “It was an exciting 21 day coaching class and from day 1, Ugyen Sir told us that we are nothing without our King. He took us beyond what we were required to learn, especially on the concerns and vision of our King and how fortunate we are.” Karma said that though she knew about His Majesty, the classes helped her understand more. “It was very motivational and I gave 100 percent,” she said. “During the class, we pledged and offered our unconditional service to His Majesty and this is what I will do,” she said. In the Dzongkha Category, Kinley Wangdi, who completed B.A Language and literature from College of Language and Cultural (CLCS) obtained the highest score with 81.33 percent. He is from Khaling, Trashigang. Kinley says that he, like many others are very grateful to His Majesty the King. “We know the love of our King and I will serve with fortitude and dedication. I’m ready to work for any government organization. I’ll serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with my utmost honesty, integrity, and commitment. I pledge to keep the country at the forefront and serve selflessly during my entire journey,” he said. Jangchub, who topped in the technical category with 76.94 percent is a graduate with B.Sc in Traditional Medicine from the National Institute of Traditional Medicine (NITM). Born and raised in Bumthang, he lost his mother since he was a child. His dream was to become a Drungtsho. Recepient of six certificates of excellence from His Majesty the King, Jangchub is a Gyalpoi Tozey. “I am what I am because of our King. I dedicate my success to His Majesty and pledge to serve with dedication,” he said. Phub Dem, who topped the B.Ed General Category with 76.74 percent is a graduate from Paro College of Education with B.Ed Primary graduate. She is from Wangduephodrang district, Phobjikha gewog. The RCSC result declaration was a thrilling and mixed moment for her. “As soon as I got the link from my friends, I prayed to god, clicked on the link, typed my details and I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes to see the result, I shed tears of joy.” She is determined to serve the nation with dedication and diligence. “My future is what I have secured today. I have no other plan other than serving under education ministry and to fulfill the wishes of His Majesty according to the Royal Kasho.” Chimi Yangchen who completed B.Ed Dzongkha from Paro College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan, topped in B.Ed Dzongkha category. The young lady from Pemagatshel, says tha the word “Teacher,” is her greatest motivation . “I pledge that I will lead my students along the right path and work with to Thadamtse and Layjudre.” Norbu Jamtsho, who came 5th in the PGDPA category, also a graduate from Sharda University has the same to say. “I lost both my parents in a car accident. Thanks to the government and His Majesty, I got a scholarship to complete my undergraduate,” Norbu said, adding that he would not have achieved and got through with the blessings of “Their Majesties.” “I cannot afford to take classes in private institutions by paying. Fortunately, I learned that Ugyen Sir gives free coaching classes and I availed the free classes for the preliminary examinations (PE) and the main exams, too.” “Ugyen Sir made us realize how much Their Majesties care about us. This automatically inspired, motivated and made me work harder,” he said, adding that he has pledged and taken an oath to serve the country under any circumstance. Punam Yongpang Rai, a graduate from the Royal Thimphu College (RTC), says she has felt the difference and effectiveness, concerning inspiration. “Most of my friends might have said the same. The free coaching classes inspired me tremenduously, especially knowing how much Their Majesties cared about us, amidst the pandemic,” Punam says, adding that this automatically made her work harder. “Moreover, I was feeling that I could grasp things more easily. I dedicate my success to Their Majesties,” she said. Speaking along the same lines, Tashi Wangmo, a graduate from Sherubtse College, who came 16th in the Post Graduate Diploma in English (PGDE) category, says her success is a gift to Their Majesties as Bhutan observes the 114th National Day. “’We are because our King is’. This is what Ugyen Sir said during the free coaching classes availed and told us about Their Majesties love for us and a lot of other things.” She says that she knew more about her duties and responsbilities, apart from the subject matter. “I don’t think any country has a leader like our King,” she said. Nima Lhamo, from the College of Language and Culture Studies, Taktse, who also got through the PGDPA category adds that she always thought about His Majesty as she prepared for the examinations. “The actions of out tutor, Ugyen Sir, from the first day was sufficient to make us realize a lot of things, especially our need to serve.” Nima says that she began studying by taking His Majesty’s blessings everytime and that she studied like never before. “I wanted to get through and dedicate my success to Their Majesties.” Meanwhile, those who did not get through are “a bit unhappy, but not fully disheartened.” “We were told during the coaching classes that we have to have a Plan B and that eveyone will not be selected. We were also told that there are many ways to serve the country and our King and that is what some of us who could not get through are planning to do,” Kinley Dorji, a graduate from the College of Natural Resources (CNR), Lobesa, who could not get through the main examinations said.