New irrigation channel for a village in Sarpang

The water scarcity in Tashichhoeling chiwog, Sarpang, has ended with the completion of Nu 10.6 million Singyechhu Irrigation project inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck on September 30. The project will benefit 24 households who grow various crops across 100 acres of lands. For almost two years, the people of Tashichhoeling had stopped the cultivation of all the crops for lack of water. An existing open irrigation canal benefitted only the summer crops. The 1.7-kilometer long irrigation water supply will immensely benefit the farmers. “The farmers had to completely depend on rainwater without which there would be no yield of crops,” said the Tareythang Gup, Narayan Neopany. “This time it will also help our winter crops and as the soil here is red, it needs plenty of water.” The gewog also grows areca nut which thrives on plentiful water supply. “A driving force of the local economy is the sale of areca nuts and many people are interested in cultivating the fruit,” said the Gup. The irrigation project will also benefit by ensuring the supply of drinking water. “We had to fetch water from far-off places but now everything will change,” said 37-year-old farmer, Sonam Tamang. “Once we have water, we can depend on agricultural produce and this irrigation canal will help us a lot.” Thirty five De-Suups, two army officers, two engineers and seven skilled masons were involved in the construction of the irrigation canal The project was handed over to Chuyur Tshogpa which will be responsible for the maintenance of the canal and ensure continuous water supply.