Entertainment businesses cry foul on regulatory burden

Business owners of karaoke, nightclubs and live music bars are crying foul about Thimphu Thromde’s decision to suspend entertainment businesses in the capital city. 
Many were of the opinion that the regulations set by the Thromde are tasking and not business-friendly. They have to regularly adapt to changing regulations. 
Few years earlier, they said it would have been just fine. Businesses were at peak, and any changes the regulatory authority needed, they would just agree to it. However, as they are trying to recover from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a bit hard and they were of the opinion that the authorities must understand the situation and give them the room to breathe. 
In one instance, a karaoke owner was fined a hefty amount. It was not totally the owner’s fault. Many had given their license for renewal; however, Thromde had told them that they would give the renewed license once they shift to the core town area. The owner was fined because he was running the business without the license. There should have been monitoring at the right time.  
System should change for the better, but change should do good for all. Business owners said that they have been complying to so many changes and it has not benefited them. 
However, rules and regulations should encourage business to continue and grow. It should also be there to set standards.
Business owners must also comply with such regulations because it is for the overall good. Entertainment enriches lives, such business is important for people. 
At the end of the day, all must come together to work for the greater good. For a while, authorities must allow businesses to grow for a while and let them come out of COVID-hang.