Samrang Gup reassured by PM’s visit

Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering who is on a tour of far-flung gewogs in Samdrup Jongkhar district arrived at Samrang gewog on May 15, 2022. 33-year-old Gup Jigme Singye Drukpa of the gewog, who has a Bachelors in Finance, and graduated in 2015, said the visit of the PM has not only emboldened him, but also reassured that “his small gewog, will receive support to attain the status like other developed gewogs.” 
    Though a gup, he said they have a lot to learn and interacting with the PM was an opportunity of a lifetime. “We learned several lessons that we never thought about and the PM was very specific about budget utilization, taking decisions with the future in mind and for the benefit of all the people and the nation,” he said, adding the PM also told elected members that people have elected them with the hope that they will serve well and that it is the opportunity for them to do so.
Gup Jigme added that in all humility the PM said one should ask others and learn. “The PM also shared his personal mobile number telling us to call him whenever we are in doubt or with problems. However, the PM was very clear that he can do nothing if reasons are for personal benefit, but that he will do everything within his capacity if an issue is for the public’s interest.”   
The Gup shared that Samrang gewog has only 52 households with around 500 people. “Due to this, the budget we get is not sufficient for developmental works, even for basic necessities like safe drinking water. The water is also contaminated with coal during summer and the PM said that it would lead to health problems. He assured us that support would be provided,” the Gup said. 
Gup Jigme added that the possibilities of resettlement were submitted, along with census issues. “There are people who were married before I was born with this problem. While it is fine for the elderly, children going to school face problems. The PM said that he would submit this issue too.” 
Saying that Samrang is the “capital of elephants,” the Gup said that nothing can stop them. “We tried everything, including solar fencing, but it doesn’t work. The PM advised us to get together and think about a solution that would be effective,” the Gup said. 
Meanwhile in Pemathang gewog, the PM told the community to focus on diversifying agriculture products and to form groups to enhance marketing and share resources. He further said that a doctor would be stationed for the hospital there. 
In Martshala gewog, the possibility of extending the school to a higher secondary level (class XII) was discussed. The PM instructed leaders of the four gewogs to study the feasibility and submit the proposal through the Dungkhag. With farming in Martshala difficult because of the land, possibilities of land substitute were submitted. The PM said that he would look into the issue too. 
Samrang is the smallest gewog among eleven gewogs of Samdrup Jongkhar district embracing an area of 51.25 sq. km with only 36 households currently settled. The Gewog shares the boundary with Martshalla Gewog to the north, Pemathang Gewog to the west and Langchenphu Gewog under Jomotshangkha Drungkhag in the east. Samrang falls under the jurisdiction of Samdrup Choling Drungkhag. It has five chiwogs - Ngangtshothang Tead, Ngantshothang Mead, Damsagang Tead, Damsagang Mead and Tshoduen. The gewog received electricity only on August 16, 2014. 
Phuntshothang Gewog is administratively under the Samdrupchoeling Dungkhag. The Gewog consists of 35 villages comprising of 514 households. The Gewog has an area of about 130.2 square kilometers and the landscape is plain, where crops like maize, millet are grown quite extensively. With the connection of road from various directions in near future will provide easy access to market.  
Pemathang Gewog is one of the Gewogs of Samdrupcholing Drungkhag. The Gewog has 15 villages and 301 households. Pemathang Gewog has 5 Chewogs. 
Martshala gewog has an area of about It has a population of 4116 with about 501 households.