His Majesty grants Dhar to DT Chairpersons

On May 11, 2022, His Majesty The King granted Dhar to the Chairpersons of the Dzongkhag Tshogdu of twenty dzongkhags at Lingkana Palace in Punakha. The Chairpersons (Thrizin) of the Dzongkhag Tshogdu, which is the highest decision making body in the dzongkhag, are elected from among the local government leaders of the dzongkhag. 
Elaborating on the Royal Vision for Bhutan and concerns for our future shared during the National Day Address last year, His Majesty reminded the Thrizins that their every initiative must be guided by how best it would benefit the people and help them prosper.
Meanwhile, Chairpersons that The Journalist spoke to said the Royal Audience has further emboldened them to carry on their responsibilities with additional vigour and that they will work to ensure that His Majesty’s vision of the country is fulfilled. 
Beda Moni Chamlagai, Chairperson of Tsirang Dzongkhag said he is very fortunate for having received the ‘dhar’ and Royal Audience. “It was also an emotional moment and my eyes were filled with tears listening to His Majesty, who is so concerned about problems Bhutan has, including the future of the country,” he said. “We have to work harder and give our best and in everything I do, I will have His Majesty’s golden words in my heart,” he said. 
Tsirang’s Thrizin also said he will convey the Royal Vision and concerns expressed to the people of Tsirang to ensure that everyone understands where the country stands and what needs to be done. 
Additionally, he said that just because the local government (LG) leaders are elected, they cannot “go easy on their works.” “Like His Majesty said, LGs are crucial for ensuring that resources are managed effectively. LGs are also important for economic development and promotion of democracy. As Thrizin, I have the sacred responsibility to work towards fulfilling His Majesty’s vision and I will do it. And if the entire country comes together there is nothing that cannot be achieved,” he said.      
Karma Sonam Wangchuk, Thrizin of Mongaar Dzongkhag said that while they were very fortunate to receive the ‘dhar’ on the auspicious occasion of Zhabdrung Kuchoe, he has been able to grasp His Majesty’s vision, concerns and expectations from the people. “However, the ‘dhar,’ is a symbolism of the responsibilities that we as elected LG leaders and Thrizins have,” he said, adding that since the first LG, His Majesty has been emphasizing that the LG is very important for the progress, prosperity and deepening of democracy in the country. “We have to change the way we work. We have to strive for excellence. We have to be more responsible and accountable and it is our duty to assist in fulfilling His Majesty’s aspirations,” he said, adding that together, everything is achievable. 
Describing the occasion as an emotional, enriching and one that he has never ever experienced before, Trashigang Thrizin Duptho said the Royal Audience reinforced what he had imbibed after watching and listening to His Majesty’s National Day Address in 2021. “Most of us became emotional listening to the concerns His Majesty has for the people of Bhutan and the future, our children,” he said. “There is no denying that our King is Divinity personified. The Royal Vision is so farsighted for common people like us to even think of,” he said. “I reflected on His Majesty’s golden words and realized that just as His Majesty wants to hand over to our children a country which will make them proud, all of us are equally responsible. It doesn’t matter whether you are a civil servant, the government, opposition, National Council (NC) members, LG leaders or private citizens. All of us have to share the responsibility and aim for excellence,” he said, adding mediocrity has no room. 
Thrizin Duptho further said if every Bhutanese put in their best efforts, Bhutan can be transformed into a country as envisioned by His Majesty. “We are fortunate to have a Father and Guardian like His Majesty. All we need to do is move towards the island that His Majesty’s wants us to reach, which can be done,” he said. “And I have already begun disseminating His Majesty’s golden words to civil servants and others here,” he said, adding he conveyed that all should think about His Majesty’s concerns and aspirations, right after rising in the morning and before going to bed.