DTT to elect VP and President during Convention

On May 2, 2022, Druk Thuendrel Tashogpa (DTT) will be hosting the party’s convention at Meta Resort in Paro. According to Dr. Chenga Tshering, one of the founder’s of the party, the convention will be done as per one of the party’s values – humility – following all Covid protocols. 
The Convention will be attended by coordinators from the 20 districts, party supporters and some candidates. “There are three main agenda; adoption of the Party’s Charter and election of the Party’s office bearers, such as Vice President and President,” Dr. Chenga said. When asked why in Paro, Dr. Chenga said the reasons behind the venue and the dates are very significant and will be communicated to the media in a press brief after the convention, he said. The convention will also see the party declaring the Prime Ministerial candidate, if the party wins in the 2023 elections. 
On questions if elections by few members would qualify as the stand of the party, Dr. Chenga said the district coordinators represent the voices of grass root supporters. “They have been in touch with the people, discussed what would happen in the convention and decided who to vote for. The vote of district coordinators are the votes of party supporters and tshogpas,” he said. “The convention is not to showcase democratic pomp and show but to disseminate and in line with democratic purpose,” he added.  
Meanwhile, the entire convention will be life streamed through Facebook. “We have four candidates, who are currently in Australia and they would be attending the convention virtually,” he said. 
Similarly, the convention will see candidates of the party, apart from civil servants and others who cannot come out publicly at the moment. There are also some elements in the Charter, which makes the party and the convention different from others, he underlined. 
According to the party, candidates comprise five who have completed their doctorate (PHD), 21 who have a masters degree, 5 with agriculture and engineering backgrounds respectively; 3 with Accounts and Finance as their background, 3 who have studied ICT and Digital Technology and six private entrepreneurs. The youngest candidate is 26 and the oldest 55.
However, Dr. Chenga said the party has faced difficulties getting women candidates. “As of now we have one confirmed woman candidate and three to four in the line,” he said. 
In an earlier interview, Dr. Chenga had said DTT has candidates, with good “attitude,” that include civil servants, national council (NC) members, and former supporters and candidates of other political parties and that there has been no dearth of candidates. He said candidate selection has been done very professional and decentralized. “We have guidelines to select candidates. We at the national level have no say in selecting candidates. It is done by the coordinators, which is then brought to the selection committee members,” he said. According to Dr. Chenga, there were seven candidates from Drujegang-Tseza constituency in Dagana, from which one was selected. “So we are not engaged in the rush for candidates,” he said.  
He had also said that apart from other qualities, they look at attitudes of the candidates as it is very important. Attitude determine if they are willing to sacrifice for the national goals and aspirations and people without good attitude will not do this, he had said.        
While words of DTT emerged just last year, Dr Chenga had said the work began almost two years back. On challenges faced, he had said it was disheartening to see that people are not coming out voluntarily to participate in the election process directly and indirectly, adding they spend a lot of time educating people of the need to participate in the democratic process. On expenses incurred so far, Dr. Chenga said there are no contributions collected. “Everyone pays for themselves and they do this as the party is not one individuals party; it belongs to everyone or in other words, everyone owns the party,” he had said.