Can you stop writing “Love Letters?”

Is media and political parties under indefinite and infinite quarantine? 
It may be due to the pandemic. There has not been much of a political row between political parties as we saw during the terms of the two former governments. Still, when we are about to forget that there is more than one political party in Bhutan, we see political parties issuing press releases, recommending the government to do a host of things and others. 
If I am not wrong, the latest was the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) recommending the government to use the National Stabilization Fund to curb problems that would rise due to the hike in fuel prices. The opposition party, had a month back or so written about accountability concerning the case of a COVID patient who perished, reportedly due to negligence. Noises were made concerning the examination dates of classes X and XII.
But what is very interesting is that these press releases are just like love letters or complaint letters sent from one political party to another. Moreover, sometimes we feel that political parties are doing this just because they have nothing to do and more importantly to remind the people that they are still there. 
This is because we do not see the government either responding to the letters publicly – the very reason why I have said that these press releases are like love letters. Most of us know that love letters are secret. So, maybe the government is responding secretly.  
Another player in this drama is the media, who have today become experts in immediately taking pictures of press releases and uploading in their social media platforms. Is there a competition going on as to who does it faster? Sometimes, the same story is run, but without any comments from the government. Is it not the responsibility of the media to question the government? 
Equally, political parties should keep pushing. For instance, despite the recommendations on fuel price hike, we do not see the government doing anything. Thus, the political party concerned, which is the PDP, need to follow up, just like the media needs to do.  
His Majesty has been stressing on accountability. Please do not think that it is just about accountability in the civil service. It is about accountability for everyone involved in nation building, including political parties and the media. 
It is also probable that political parties and the media are thinking that the government is bogged with managing the pandemic and questioning them would not be good to national interest. Though the main challenge now is the pandemic, all should know that there are ten ministries with different mandates and that development work is ongoing. Machineries of the country have not stopped because of the pandemic. 
It is also possible that political parties are building up their stock of issues to be raised only when the election period begins next year. I do not think that would be a good idea as some issues would be relevant only today.
Finally, on behalf of people who believe in democracy, accountability and the important roles of the political parties and media, I request that the government be questioned on issues that are of national interest. Together with this, also follow-up on issues that have been already raised. Stop writing love letters. If not, there will be a time when peoples’ faith in the media and political parties will evaporate, never to come down as rain again. 
In hindsight, has the media and political parties, including the opposition been under indefinite and infinite quarantine?

Tandin Wangchuk, 
Samdrup Jongkhar