The Translation of Vision

Great leaders differ in qualities they possess. However, there are some common and universal traits, one of which is vision. A visionary leader understands and clearly sees the present and using these existing elements, invents a future. And we have witnessed His Majesty our King doing exactly this, since December 9, 2006. Compiling everything has the potential for an Epic; land reforms, the national rehabilitation program, Druk Holdings and Investments (DHI), desuups, the list goes on.
As we battle the pandemic, we see more of His Majesty’s vision, in abstract and concrete forms. The latest addition in the library is the establishment of the Reverse Isolation Facilities (RIFs). While these facilities have begun to function now, His Majesty laid the foundations at almost the same time as we closed our borders to tourists. Under Royal Command, for the first time in Bhutan’s history, information on vulnerable people in the country was collected. At around the same time, thousands of elderly citizens in the world’s richest countries perished.
The information then collected is now used for the RIFs. We have the figures of those above 65, those living with comorbidities and the unvaccinated. We know where most of the vulnerable live, including their telephone numbers. Information is vital for planning, for building the future required. Great leaders know this, including the time for such inventions.
Due to this, RIFs have opened now, as we move into a new phase in our national strategy to manage the pandemic. With increased relaxations, there are risks of our vulnerable getting affected. We haven’t shred the policy of protecting lives. And RIFs are embodiments of His Majesty’s inimitable vision to secure the vulnerable.
There are such facilities in other countries, but as said by our Prime Minister, not without a price. According to a Care Survey in the US, a private room in a nursing home, similar to the RIFs, costs USD 290 per day, or USD 8,821 per month. While the government pays part of the costs, individuals need to bear the rest. Moreover, there are several factors that can impact the cost like length of stay, and care services required, among others. This is in the USA, the economic giant and most powerful country in the world. Here, we need not pay anything. 
On April 22, 2021, few hours after the PM announced that His Majesty had commanded the extension of the Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu (DGKR) till June 2022, I took a cab home. I asked the cabbie when he thought the pandemic would end. “Definitely not till June next year,” he said, adding, extension of the DGRK says everything. 
It remains till date the simplest, yet the most striking example, definition and description of vision and a leader equipped with it, for me.