I joined politics to serve my constituents, not be a minister: MP Karma Dorji

Puran Gurung, Thimphu Nganglam’s Member of Parliament (MP), Karma Dorji, says that he harbours no ambition to fill the vacant home ministerial berth in response to a persistent ongoing rumour that he is gunning for the post. He told The Journalist that he contested in the elections to represent the people of his constituency and fulfilling that solemn responsibility is his first and foremost aspiration. A ministerial post, he further said, is not the privilege of someone who has been a founding member of a political party. It is rather for someone who can lead, is capable and cares deeply for the country and people. “I didn’t contest to be a minister,” said the MP. “DNT does not make reservations to offer important portfolios in the government to founding members. It is not the privilege of founding members alone. There is also no specific conditions for a ministership in our party charter.” “Irrespective of political parties, a minister must be projected solely for their capability, the ability to work for the country and also contribute to one’s own party. The topmost criterion is to serve the people and the country.” According to Karma Dorji, DNT follows and respects precedence set by other parties to appoint ministers. It is the prerogative of the party president, the Prime Minister and the Executive Committee, the highest decision-making body of the party. His participation in the election is solely to represent his people. “I just participated to represent my people and when I went for the bye-elections, there is no promises made - from the party side, from the party president side and even from my side,” said Karma Dorji. “I never mentioned to people that I will be the home minister or a minister and my party also never told that I will be the minister. So that is very clear.” MP Karma Dorji reassured that his party will fulfil the pledges it made to the people of Nganglam. “I am 100 percent confident that all the pledges will be fulfilled and also other ad-hoc demand of the constituents will also be supported. The government’s support has been exceptional too.” Meanwhile, in an informal setting, the Prime Minister Dr Dasho Lotay Tshering said that the government can also choose not to fill the vacant ministerial berths. “The government can choose not to appoint a Home Minister,” said the Prime Minister. “The efficiency and the support of the bureaucracy offers the crucial support to handle ministries, even if a minister needs to handle two ministries.” The Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Tandi Dorji has been overseeing the Home Ministry for the past few months. “Foreign Minister Dr Tandi Dorji is smoothly handling the home ministry,” said the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, about nine DNT candidates had individually submitted their names to the Prime Minister for the home ministerial post. So far, three have withdrawn.