Laws not to one’s whims and fancy

With awareness of politics, media, economy, law and the seamless growth of democratic rights and freedom of expression, a lot many people is seemingly trying to interpret and translate to shape the laws of the land. The rights and expertise to interpret the Constitution is limited, if it was so, it would be interpreted to one's own fancy, the very vision of Constitution would be defeated, and the mission to the larger picture becomes myopic. It will allow everyone to wrap things under the rug. Without judicious laws, people would have plunged into total anarchy. Everyone claim they have been defamed without an iota of understanding the word and the law that protects and punishes defamation. In Bhutan, defamation is criminal by nature and it is also not easy to press charges for defamation because it will uselessly waste our national resources. Our people and country's rights have been significantly strengthened by the profound wisdom of the successive Dragon Kings. Our His Majesty's Reign began by building strong foundations for a democratic system. It was done so to not just love the country intelligently but also to shoulder responsibilities. Take Phuntshothang Gewog, a local representative has been blamed for misusing power and resources of the state. One section of the community passes the buck to the local representative and the evidence to the case is empty and hollow. The representative tells the media industry that he has been framed by other individuals for political mileage as elections are lurking around the corner and that the accusations are all politically motivated. The representative is ready to reveal all the documents should anyone come to see for themselves. This has been happening for a long time, there are neither arbitration nor mediation, and these machineries are hardly the answer as people always claim oneself the righteous. It is only the wisdom of the law that fishes out the bad. Laws which bind us make up the rules of our society. The purpose of these laws is to maintain a certain standard of behaviour in our society in the interests of the common good. Without such rules our society would descend into anarchy. We are all bound by the law of the land, whether or not we are aware of or understand that law. “Ignorance of the law is no defence.” Laws govern almost every aspect of our lives, and very many responsibilities are placed on each of us by these laws. Society, through the Courts, imposes punishment for breaking these laws. It is essential that we know and understand, at least in a general sense, the nature of these obligations, and the consequences of disobedience.