What is beyond vaccination?

This is not to undermine the significance of vaccination or to encourage the people to take things for granted, this is to point a time for our solidarity to look at the larger picture.
There is an endless mission beyond vaccination as a nation.
We must agree there will be tough times ahead and the trying times will continue testing our resilience, and it will test our faith in our system and it will see who we are as a Bhutanese as we forge ways with the ways the world will change.
Trust the Higher Power, trust the Leadership of our Beloved King, and we must trust our support as a Bhutanese to paint the brighter colours to see The Light even in the darkness, our collective efforts will not wrong us and it will not go wrong. Our collective wisdom comes as a compassionate nation that believes in the fruits of labour.
Once we chart our ways, we must amend the shortfalls and create a vision to see the pitfalls. Owing to the pandemic, our economy is in the doldrums, our jobs have kept our people hungry and our education has taken a beating (to the pulp). We must deliver a service that adds to the vigour of our socio-economic perspectives.
The pandemic has taught us to prepare for the worst, it has shown us our friends and our foes. The lessons in the hardest times are wisdom and these pearls of wisdom are pillars to construct the future of our country. One for sure is the hospitals in the country. We were terrified by the knowledge that if the COVID-19’s wrath spelt disastrous even by hundreds in the country, it would not just overwhelm our health system, it will collapse us as a country. We scurried to adopt not just pharmaceutical interventions, we also seriously adopted non-pharmaceutical interventions too to flatten the curve to break the transmission.
The lessons in the times of pandemic also immediately led us to build hospitals across the country, it may stay vacant in times to come but it will not go to waste. Our strategies are efficiently sustainable, the tough times have given us the wisdom.
Our government also pulled all the strings possible to pool resources and send our people to specialise in different types of health issues, we have also acquired health instruments and medicines, all these efforts if not a lesson or not stitch in time- it is goals we will set.
For now, we must focus on the vaccination that will begin by the third week of the month. By vaccination and by being vaccinated, there are more rooms for complacency, so we should not immediately demand relaxations. We must show solidarity to rather strengthen the existing safety protocols of COVID-19 and walk the extra mile to adopt those safety protocols that are recommended by the health faculties with the changing times and why not? The variant strains are constantly changing.
Yes, vaccination is a serious business yet it is not yet the silver bullet, it is not the right time to let our guards down. Maybe, a little breath of sigh but not a time to stand and stare.
Beyond vaccination, we have a country to rebuild, lives to work and to forge ways forced by the pandemic, the New Normal.