Time to leave the Pond

The Tourism Levy Bill 2022 passed through. We sincerely do not know if the sailing was smooth or not, for there would have been lobbyists from different quarters doing everything possible to stop the bill. This is expected. The Minerals and Minerals Bill is history because of similar reasons.
We should not rue that those that have want more or have already taken their share. Why should anyone sit still? For, they were the ones who took the risks of entering businesses never tried before. They were the ones with information, expertise and of all capital. 
However, from what has been happening in Bhutan, one element comes out very clearly – our herd mentality. And it is visible everywhere; from the Nu 100 “Thali” restaurants, to the number of people who entered the tourism industry and lately the scores of Miniso and Uniqlo outlets and coffee shops that have mushroomed in almost every corner of Thimphu.
What are we missing here even as we continue our debates about a tour operator who lost the five packs of tourists who cancelled their visit to Bhutan? We are unable to view the ocean beyond. We have been and are still in our pond, croaking, despite the fact that His Majesty our beloved King has for years been telling us to get out of the pond, enter the river and then swim in the ocean. 
His Majesty has been stressing on technology, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and others for so long. And by doing so, His Majesty has been telling us, especially those in business that there is a fortune there. Today, we have budding young Bhutanese entrepreneurs, who have skills but no capital. They are like the ones involved in lapidary and the gold smiths. Why can’t those who can, not assist them, forge a partnership and venture into greener pastures? 
On June 4, 2022, His Royal Highness (HRH) Gyalsey’s Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck in his first Royal Duty inaugurated the Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck Super Fab Lab as Chief Guest. Have our heavyweights in business ever visited the Lab and seen the potentials it and Bhutan has? We are talking about drones and Bhutan is ready to manufacture it. We need investors. Sadly, no one wants to get out of the pond or their swimming pools.
Perhaps, we think that such projects have no future or that we just cannot do it. It is for this very reason that His Majesty has repeatedly said that there is nothing Bhutanese cannot do. The question is, our willingness. 
If you study people and entrepreneurs in the world who have made it big, they are ones who did not stay in the pond. They jumped out at the first opportunity. Bhutanese can  do it, too, and carve their names in Wall Street.